CPRPC Bullseye Free Pistol Match

Registration: 8:00 AM
Start time: 8:30 AM

Fee (Cash or check, no Credit Cards, please)
$15.00 non-Members
$10.00 for Members   

Conventional Pistol Open 90 shots. 
B6 (50yrd slow fire) and B8 (25yrd timed and rapid fire) targets

Match 1            Slow fire, two strings of 10 shots in 10 minutes

Match 2            National Match Course, 10 shots each slow, timed and rapid fire

Match 3            Timed fire, four strings of 5 shots in 20 seconds

Match 4            Rapid fire, four strings of 5 shots in 10 seconds

Match 5            Aggregate

RSVP Enrique Marchetti
Pistol Executive

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