The range is owned and managed by the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department. 100% of all registration/entry fees go to the County of San Mateo. Public access to the Sheriff’s Rifle Range is facilitated by volunteers from the Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Club who operate as its Range Safety Officers (RSO).


  • All shooting is done at 100 yards only
  • Rifles Only
  • Handguns, shotguns, and Black Powder firearms are NOT permitted.
  • Any caliber except 50BMG or larger
  • No steel core, steel bi-metal, or steel jacketed ammo (all ammo will be checked with magnets)
  • No ammo sold or gun rentals offered at range
  • All firearms must be brought to the range unloaded, in locked rifle cases/bags
  • There is limited space at each shooting lane so please bring no more than 3 rifles per visit. There are no longer rifle racks or ready tables.
  • No more than 2 shooters per lane


  • DAYS: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • TIME: 7:00pm10:00pm
  • The range is closed on all major holidays
  • Online Reservation Only [LINK TO COME]
  • Walk-on Service is no longer permitted
  • The range may be closed due to inclement weather without prior notice. Please call the range (650) 573-2557. If you only get voicemail answers after 7pm this means that the range is closed.



:: New Range Rules To Come ::
San Mateo County Sheriff Range Rules for Public Use


  1. All visitors must present a valid State ID or US Passport.
  2. No alcoholic beverages, recreational drugs, tobacco products, or vaping, allowed on County Property.
  3. No persons intoxicated or under the influence are permitted at the range.
  4. Shooters must understand range commands issued in English or have an interpreter with them at all times while in the shooting area.
  5. New shooters who have never fired a rifle (or persons unfamiliar with firearms they intend to discharge) must be accompanied and coached by an experienced shooter or instructor.
  6. No children under 6 are allowed on the range. No one under 12 years old may shoot. Minors 12-15 year old MUST be under the direct adult supervision.
  7. Dogs and other service animals are not allowed on range property (they have no hearing protection and could be harmed).
  8. Eye and ear protection MUST be worn at all times by shooters and visitors.
  9. All firearms must be transported to and from the range inside a closed container. No open carry. 
  10. No loaded firearms allowed on the range except on the firing line. 
  11. Chamber flags are required for each firearm.
  12. All shooting is done at 100 yards. 
  13. ONLY rifles/carbines may be fired on this range.
  14. No handguns, shotguns, black-powder firearms.
  15. No .50cal BMG
  16. No automatic firearms.
  17. All firearms must be equipped with sights, optics, or other aiming device
  18. No steel core or steel jacketed ammunition allowed. All ammunitions will be checked with a magnet at check-in or during random spot-checks
  19. No armor piercing or tracer ammunition is allowed

  21. Range Safety Officers (RSOs) are present and recognizable by their red vests. They have FULL AUTHORITY over the range and its operation. 
  22. RSO’s are authorized to inspect all firearms and ammunition and prohibit the use of which, in their opinion, is unsafe or hazardous.
  23. Keep your firearms pointed downrange when loading, casing, uncasing, or working with your firearm.
  24. Keep your finger off the trigger (out of the trigger guard) until your sights are on your target and you are ready to fire.
  25. Actions of all uncased firearms will be open at all times except when actually shooting on the firing line.
  26. No movement forward of firing line is permitted until RSO gives instructions to do so.
  27. No rapid fire (no more than 1-shot every 2-seconds)
  28. When firing, keep the muzzle of your firearm past the forward edge of your firing bench
  29. Fire only at the range-issued target corresponding to your numbered firing bench. Shooters may apply stickers or tape on targets to the paper rang-issued target. Do not hang your targets on the white target-frame in such a way that your shots will hit the frame
  30. No cross-firing on another lane’s target. 
  31. If an RSO observes that you are unable to hit your target or are causing damage to the range structure, you will be asked to leave the premises. Deliberate shooting at any part of the range structure constitutes vandalism and appropriate legal and/or civil action could take place. 
  32. If you have more than one shooter in your group shooting the same firearm, leave the rifle at your bench when changing shooters. Do NOT pass any uncased gun from one bench to another.
  33. In case of a firearm malfunction which you cannot clear, stay at your firing bench and raise your hand to request the assistance of an RSO.
  34. Never leave a loaded firearm unattended. 
  35. Do not place LIVE or squib/misfired ammo in trash cans. Give the round to RSO for proper disposal.
  36. If any of your ammo or equipment accidentally falls in front of your bench, leave it on the ground. During a RANGE COLD period ask an RSO to recover it. 
  37. At the CEASE FIRE command, completely unload and bench all firearms, with actions open, chamber flags inserted, and move to the safety zone behind the red line.
  38. When the RSO announces RANGE COLD, no shooter may step across the red line to retrieve or handle their equipment on the bench. If you need to retrieve an item from your bench, ask an RSO for assistance.
  39. During the RANGE COLD period, shooters may traverse the walkway downrange to check, patch, or change their targets. Do not loiter; return to the safety zone behind the red line and await RSO announcements.
  40. Anyone participating in DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR or language that is considered to be loud, abusive, or profane will be asked to leave the premises.
  41. Failure to follow RSO instructions or Violations of any rule may result in your removal from the premises.
  42. In case of emergency call 9-1-1


All shooters must have a pre-paid online reservation. Walk-on shooting lanes are no longer available to the public. Make your reservation through this button.