NRA RSO and Renewal

You must go to the NRA to renew every 2-years or your RSO Certification and pay their $35 fee or else your certification will expire. It is your personal responsibility to renew it.

Please be patient, the NRA’s RSO process is clunky and not-consumer friendly. The RSO certificate website is on the NRA Instructor website which is on a different website than your NRA membership.

YOU MUST HAVE A VALID USER ID/PASSWORD on the NRA Instructor website. If this is your first time getting an RSO you will have to CREATE a log-in and password:

OR if you have a valid Login ID go to:

Login with the correct information and then navigate the web pages using the information presented:

1. Click on Renew Ratings.
2. Enter financial information.
3. Click Submit Payment.
4. Go back to the My Ratings page.
5. Click on Print Your ID Card.
6. Save your certificate as a PDF, download, and save.