Holster Rules

• Eye protection
• Electronically amplified hearing protection so you can hear range commands
• A semiautomatic pistol or double action revolver in good condition. Triggers must be set up for defensive shooting (2-8lbs pull weight, no “release triggers” or “bump triggers”)
• A good quality belt mounted strong side outside the waistband holster designed for the pistol you will be using. All shooting will be done from the holster at these events.
• At least four spare magazines for your semi-automatic pistol or speed loaders for a revolver. More is better.
• Magazine pouches or speed loader carriers that fit your belt. You will need at least 4 magazines or speed loaders on your person. Some of these can be in pockets. At least two must be in carriers.
• A sturdy belt (No “fashion” belts). I will have some examples of both good and bad belts on the first evening.
• 50 rounds of ammo for your pistol. Pack your ammunition in a separate container from the firearm.
• Range appropriate clothing.
• If you bring a jacket, it needs to have any parts that dangle off the jacket such as tensioning loops either taped up or removed. Those straps tend to get stuck in the holster

What is a “good quality holster”?
The holster must meet the minimum requirements described below.
• Hard sided, non collapsible holster
• At least one retention mechanism (friction lock, lever, backstrap)
• Must cover the trigger and trigger guard completely and not allow access to the trigger while holstered
• The shooter must be able to use the holster safely with a single hand
• Should not cause the shooter to alter the operation of the gun while shooting
• The firearm should fit properly into the holster

What is not allowed is any holster that:
• Can collapse after the gun is removed.
• Requires two hands to remove or re-holster the firearm.
• Is made of only from nylon, canvas or other soft materials.
• That has loose, unsecured, or deficient mounting systems.
• Has a retention device that is activated by the index finger (Such as Serpa holsters). These are specifically excluded by the club’s insurance policy so we can not allow them.
• Is not designed for that specific make and model of firearm.
• Is inferior build quality, may break, faulty, or may cause a safety issue.
• Does not generally point the muzzle downwards
• Has another function like a “fanny pack”, brief case, cell phone case, etc…