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Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc.

San Mateo, California


General Information

The Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc. is an organization made up of men and women who share a common interest in the shooting sports. The Club members volunteer personal time to operate the Coyote Point Rifle Range under the direction of the San Mateo County Sheriff for the benefit of the public. Club members assist in facility repairs and regularly host a variety competitive shooting events for the public and for club members. Members enjoy events, which promote camaraderie of competition, training, education, and social interaction.

Membership Fees and Information

The applicant for membership should attend competitions or public shooting hour practices in order to show that he or she practices safe gun handling techniques and would be an asset to the Club. The membership application requires that three Range Safety Officers(RSO) must certify as to the competency of the applicant in the safe handling of firearms, and suitability for membership. As an applicant, when you are paying shooting fees at the range, mention to the RSO that you are interested in joining the Club and need sponsor signatures. One RSO can sign as a sponsor for you on any given night. This means that you must attend and shoot at least 3 different nights to obtain the minimum 3 certification signatures. Be sure that all of the required information and signatures are completed before submitting the application for consideration.

To have your application considered you must attend a Board meeting which is scheduled every month (except November and December) on the 2nd Monday of the month. At that time you will be interviewed by the Board. Your application will be considered that night and you will be notified of the Board’s decision. If accepted, you will be considered a probationary Member as of that night. There is a 60 day probation period after your acceptance. After passing probation, you will be a full regular member.

All Members are required maintain individual membership in the National Rifle Association as a condition of membership in Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc.

The Club does offer a junior membership for shooters who have not reached their 21st birthday. Please contact the Membership Executive or Rifle Executive for the particulars.

All new adult members are required to pay a $75.00 initiation fee. Regular member annual dues are $50.00/year. In addition, the adult member pays a daily shooting fee equal to half of the public shooting fee, regardless of the day of the week.

An adult member who serves as an RSO (Range Safety Officer) pays annual dues of $50.00, but all daily fees are waived. An RSO member is obligated to serve one evening a month as an RSO during public shooting hours.

An adult member may opt to pay annual dues of $400.00 in lieu of paying daily fees without RSO duty obligations. Beginning in January, 2005, all new member applicants will be required to perform RSO duty unless they can successfully petition the Board of Directors for an exemption.

The annual dues fee is prorated during the first year. The membership year starts on July 1st.

As a Member you may shoot at the range during public hours (which are currently 7pm-10pm Monday, Wednesday, & Friday) and on weekends (Club Members only).

The Club Members operate the Range for the Public at the direction of the San Mateo County Sheriff. As such, many club members have become certified RSOs (Range Safety Officer) and work as RSOs on one of the "public hours" week- nights.

A Regular Member may invite a friend or family member up to two times in one year to shoot at the range as a supervised guest:

During weekday Public Shooting hours or Weekend Club Shooting hours guest shooting fee is $5.00/guest(or half of the public shooting fee, whichever is more) except that on weekend of a Scheduled Competition Match no guest privileges will be available.

The Club occasionally has a work party to perform some necessary maintenance on the range facilities. The club provides a full BBQ lunch for all who help.

All Club Members enjoy other special events and benefits. As a Club member you will receive our regular Newsletter and Calendar of Events to keep you informed of upcoming competitions and activities. We have an annual Christmas Brunch and a bi-annual Installation of Officers Dinner. We also have holiday luck shoots with prizes, a few Club Memorial and Honorary Shooting Events with trophies, and league shoots. Many of these special shoots include either a BBQ lunch or a potluck lunch.

Current Range Rules do not allow the use of center-fire pistols at anytime on the range during public shooting hours. Center-fire rifles are allowed. Rim- fire rifles and pistols can be used during public shooting hours.

Club members may shoot rim-fire rifles and pistols during practice hours on weekends (unless a sanctioned or registered competition is scheduled) and then only until 10:00am. Air rifles and air pistols can be used for the balance of the club shooting hours after 10:00 am on weekends.

The Membership requirements, dues and fees, shooting restrictions, and shooting hours are subject to change.

Any questions may be directed to the Membership Chairman the Coyote Point email address below:



Last revised 5/14/2013


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