2016 Thanksgiving Luck Shot

Coyote Point Range Construction Has Started!

The construction has started on the rimfire side.

New Target Frames

New 100yd rifle range target holders were installed last weekend by the club. New steel receptacles were welded in place to hold up wood frames. Cardboard backers were stapled to the wood frames so shooters only need to carry their bullseye target and 4 clothes pins (both supplied to shooters upon admission). The clothes pins are used to attach the target to the backer. Only one bullseye target is allowed per frame and it must be centered between the frames in order to minimize frame damage from errant rounds. This improvement should maximize lane availability for the coming months.

Fixin' Up the Range

The High power range had 3 lanes "out of order" due to target frames in disrepair, causing wait list for customers for the past few weeks now.

RSOs Darrin and Piotr did some quick fixes on their Friday night shift to get a few more lanes going but found the frames in total disrepair. The following Saturday they gathered up their tools and supplies and set out to fix up ALL of the high power target frames. Darrin drove out his work truck which had a generator to work a chop saw and air impact wrench which aided the repairs. They straightened out hangers, added lag bolts, and replaced all of the wood. The range is now fully operational.