A Bump In The Middle of the Night

So you're sitting at home in your living room and the doorbell rings your dogs are going crazy.You go to the door and ask who is there? No one answers, you ask again, no one answers...

After a little while the doorbell stops and they seem to go away so you get back into your book, your tv program or whatever you were doing and then the doorbell rings again.You get up and go back to the door and you ask, "who is it,who's there?" Silence...

Now you start to back away and you start to remember what you learned in your personal protection class in your personal protection inside the home class, you start to remember your plan. You remember what they taught you about staying safe and getting things together.

Women's Pistol Class Is Scheduled for May 24-25 2014

Name a sport which does not require sheer strength, big muscles, or requires over-exertion to win. A sport dominated by those with superior concentration, superb timing, excellent coordination and dexterity, coincidentally, skills which women excel in naturally. That sport is pistol shooting.

Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Club is proud to announce our 2014 two day NRA Basic Pistol Class for Women.