2016 National Matches, Camp Perry, OH

Three Coyote Point pistol instructors (Mike, Eugene, Jonathan) and coach (Kendis) returned from competition at the National Pistol Matches in July. The National Matches have taken place at Camp Perry OH since 1907, and is considered the “World Series of Shooting Sports”. Our instructors did well competing against 680 competitors from across the nation in tough conditions as the range is uncovered and open to the elements. The week long match experienced conditions with temperatures in the 90s, high humidity, and winds gusting up to 35 mph shooting at targets at 50 and 25 yards one handed. Competition builds skills in sight picture and trigger control amidst match pressure, wind, and heat. Special congratulations to Jonathan who also shot on the California State Pistol team and represented California well.

2016 California State International Air Pistol Championship – Palo Alto, CA.

Eugene (Pistol Instructor) won 2nd place with a score of 550, competing against a field of 36 competitors. Roy (Pistol Instructor) took 4th with a score of 537. Our club members placed well in the top 10 with Enrique taking 6th with a 528, and Rodolfo placing 8th. Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Club congratulates our competitors on their excellent performance!

CA State Precision Pistol Match – June 5, 2016

CA State Precision Pistol Match – June 5, 2016 Three Coyote Point pistol instructors competed in the 2016 California State Precision Pistol Match last week in Sloughouse, CA. Temperatures reached 98 with 12 mph gusts from the SW, and 50% humidity, which made for tough conditions as the match started at 8am and ran for 7.5 hours of shooting .22, and .45 caliber pistols at target distances of 50 and 25 yards. Jonathan took 1st in aggregate Marksman class, dominating the field by shooting 1st place finishes in 14 of 16 total matches. This earned him a slot in the 2016 CA State Pistol Team going to nationals this year. Roy (2012, 2014 CA Pistol Team member) took 4th overall at the match. Eugene (2014 CA Pistol Team member) took 1st in Sharpshooter class in the following stages: .22 Slow Fire, .22 Rapid Fire, and .22 Aggregate. Congratulations to all our competitors on their achievements!

California State Pistol Team Competes At National Championships, Camp Perry, Ohio

by Steve Killingsworth

For the first time in many years, the California Rifle and Pistol Association fielded a California State Pistol Team at the National Pistol Championship Matches, held on July 7-13 at historic Camp Perry, Ohio, on the green and beautiful south shore of Lake Erie.

It's Spring Training, Charlie Brown!

"You can't win, Charlie Brown!", I said to myself, reviewing my score sheets from the 2700 match at the Sunnyvale Rod & Gun club past weekend. My rimfire portion scores were 23 points below my personal best and about 15 points below my current average. My centerfire and .45 scores were even lower. No matter how I tried, I could not focus, I could not reduce my wobble and concentrate on the proper shot process. And then I realized, I need more training.

Steel Falling in the Rain

Sunday Feb 2 – 8am - 10am, light rain, 46 degrees, winds from the south at 25 mph, 6 mile visibility with scattered clouds. The long awaited rain arrives this morning bringing along 10 shooters for the falling plate .22 rifle match. Plenty of custom rigs as well as classic Savage and Rugers on the line. Shooters worked under match pressure as the start buzzer went off amidst cold steel targets, cold triggers, and cold as steel nerves. Marc and Mike tied for first both dropping 23 plates, Marc won the "sudden death" shoot-off, declaring Mike second. Enrique took third with 22 plates facing the heavens. "Celeritas, Digigentia, Levitas" (Speed, Accuracy, Smoothness) was the key to winning today.

Revolver Match

The seasoned master shooter, long in years, young in spirit, continues to work his art, of bullet to paper as he has for most of his life. There is an inner silence, the stoppage of time, as he raises the pistol as he has done, hundreds upon thousands of times before. Like a meditative archer he stands confident, silently, patiently awaiting the subconscious ignition, brilliant flash and jolting recoil as the target is obscured by smoke.

State Championship Match in Sebastopol

On my trip up to Sebastopol to compete in the California State Indoor Conventional Championship (10/20/13), I felt and saw the beauty of fall, with the grape leaves turning a golden brown and the fog laying a soft blanket across the ranches on my way there. The rustic range has it’s own unique flavor which is as “all American” as it can get with the room’s pot belly stove and hanging American flag. Looking down the firing line, the gun boxes are steeped in tradition and honor as we shoot a discipline as old as shooting itself. This match is less about the scores shot but more about the camaraderie and shared experience of the event. Come shoot the big matches in a small range for you will learn more from the experience, than that of your score.


Falling Plate Rifle Match

Another beautiful California autumn day to enjoy the wonderful shooting sports protected by our 2nd amendment.  It was the Falling Plate Rifle match this morning, shooting at 6 inch steel falling plates at varying distances and times.  John was the overall winner today with a commanding lead in each match.  The field was riddled with jams, misfire and misses.  Here’s a few of the many exotic and custom rifles used by the competitors.