Your Privacy Rights, Including Your California Privacy Rights

Coyote Point Rife and Pistol Club, Inc. collects certain information from students and prospective students for our course offerings. Below we outline what we collect, what we do with the information, whether or not we share that information, and what happens to your information if this policy changes.

Information we collect
We collect only information you give us. This information may include, but is not limited to, your name, address, telephone or mobile phone number, age, gender, date of birth, verification of citizenship or resident status, email address, web site or social media site information, instant messaging address, and other information that will help us register you for our class offerings. We do not directly collect your credit card, debit card, or other payment information. Payment information is collected by Amazon, on behalf of the Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc. (Club). We do not keep credit card, debit card, or other identifiable payment record information.

How we use your information
We will use your information to register you for classes and to certify your completion of our classes with the National Rifle Association (NRA). Your information may also be used internally by the Club to understand the demographics of our students, their interests, and to provide better services for current and future students.

How we secure your information
Your information is electronically stored in one or more files by the Club, on one or more data processing systems. These files are encrypted using current standard encryption protocols and software.

Information we share
We only provide information to the NRA necessary to indicate your enrollment and completion of classes you have taken or plan to take. We do not provide your information to any third party without your express consent. This means if we want to share your information, we must ask your permission and you must grant that permission.

When this Privacy Policy applies
This privacy policy applies to all classes offered by the Club. This policy does not apply to affiliated organizations or companies, like Amazon, who collect similar information in order to process your payment.

Web Site Tracking and Cookies
The Club does not maintain or operate the server hardware or software you use to register for classes. We do not maintain, control, or modify the machine or interpreted language files that render or present web pages. The Club does not track, send cookies, or have the ability to intervene with “Do not track” requests. This is between you and the site’s hardware and software provider(s).

Third Parties
Third parties, i.e. Amazon or other parties hosting server hardware or software, may collect additional information when you use this service to register for our classes. The Club does not track or monitor your online activity. The Club is not liable for any third party tracking or monitoring and exercises no control over the activities of these third parties.

Compliance with regulation
We will share and disclose information, when required, pursuant to court orders, subpoenas, or other lawful regulatory requests.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
If this policy materially changes, we will notify you. If this policy materially changes, we will not reduce the amount of privacy you have without first obtaining your consent. We will use your personal information to contact you by electronic means. Generally, this means we will use e-mail to inform you of any privacy policy changes, or to seek your consent to disclose information.

Effective Date
This policy is effective starting June 1st, 2015.