It's Spring Training, Charlie Brown!

"You can't win, Charlie Brown!", I said to myself, reviewing my score sheets from the 2700 match at the Sunnyvale Rod & Gun club past weekend. My rimfire portion scores were 23 points below my personal best and about 15 points below my current average. My centerfire and .45 scores were even lower. No matter how I tried, I could not focus, I could not reduce my wobble and concentrate on the proper shot process. And then I realized, I need more training.

Ask any shooter about the most important part of the training, and the answer will be, "dry fire". Dry fire is an excellent way to practice - there's no waste of ammo, no special environment is required (i.e. does not have to be at the shooting range), no need for multiple targets. All you need is a blank white wall, a piece of paper with a small black circle or a target reduced for your viewing distance, your gun - PLEASE MAKE SURE IT IS UNLOADED!!! - and a lot of patience and willingness to pursue your goal.

There's excellent video by USAR Shooting Team member and Olympian SFC Keith Sanderson, explaining his dry fire practice.

I decided to do this every day for a week and then shoot the practice match at our range on May 31st. Let's see how much it will improve my score.

It's spring training, Charlie Brown!