Steel Falling in the Rain

Sunday Feb 2 – 8am - 10am, light rain, 46 degrees, winds from the south at 25 mph, 6 mile visibility with scattered clouds. The long awaited rain arrives this morning bringing along 10 shooters for the falling plate .22 rifle match. Plenty of custom rigs as well as classic Savage and Rugers on the line. Shooters worked under match pressure as the start buzzer went off amidst cold steel targets, cold triggers, and cold as steel nerves. Marc and Mike tied for first both dropping 23 plates, Marc won the "sudden death" shoot-off, declaring Mike second. Enrique took third with 22 plates facing the heavens. "Celeritas, Digigentia, Levitas" (Speed, Accuracy, Smoothness) was the key to winning today.

Official match report from Enrique:

Constant rain did not discourage any of the brave participants. But weather conditions forced us to shoot from the under-the-roof firing line with plates set at 50 yards. Those small plates look even smaller from such a distance, but that appearance added some icing to the cake. Some malfunctions of the arsenal can be blamed on some of the scores; operators' errors took care of the rest... All and all it was the same enjoyable game, as always. Thank you all for participating, and especial thanks to those who help with the equipment under the relentless storm.

See you next time.