Women's Pistol Class Is Scheduled for May 24-25 2014

Name a sport which does not require sheer strength, big muscles, or requires over-exertion to win. A sport dominated by those with superior concentration, superb timing, excellent coordination and dexterity, coincidentally, skills which women excel in naturally. That sport is pistol shooting.

Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Club is proud to announce our 2014 two day NRA Basic Pistol Class for Women.On May 24 and 25, students will receive 8 hours of training (4 hours each day) in a safe, friendly, fun environment on the art of pistol shooting. Safety is stressed and drilled in the class as the most important principal in this course. The class will teach pistol safety, components, operation, introduction to ammunition, fundamentals of shooting skills, equipment care and cleaning. Students will receive training, NRA manuals, use of .22 LR pistols (semi auto and revolver), .22 LR ammo, targets, range lane, eye and ear protection. This may be the first time, some women have seen a firearm first hand, outside of watching them used in movies and television, thus this class seeks to dispel misconceptions from the onset.

This Women’s Pistol Class is limited to 7 students. The cost is $125 per student. The 8 hour class is divided into 4 hours of lecture, 2 hours simulation, and 2 hours of live fire. Upon completion of the course, students will be given the option of taking the California Handgun Safety Certification test for an additional $25. This certificate is required for any handgun purchase in California.

The range is picturesque; the classroom is well lit and heated. The range restrooms are clean, heated, has hot water, and flushing toilets. Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Club is a non-profit public benefit corporation with its mission to promote and teach firearm safety and hunter education to the public, to sponsor local, state, and national shooting competition, and to operate Coyote Point Shooting Range during public hours on behalf of the Sheriff of San Mateo County. The course is taught by Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Club members who are NRA Certified instructors and volunteer their time and skills. We invite you to join the training by registering for this unique class offered in the bay area’s historic and beautiful Coyote Point Range nestled in the Coyote Point Park overlooking San Francisco Bay in San Mateo. For more information please email to pistol_training@coyotepointrpc.org. You can register for this course at http://coyotepointrpc.org/training/nra-first-steps-pistol-women

Lucy Chambliss, 1954 Women’s Pistol Champion