Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving celebration at the range was a day of mindfulness for what we have. We had a fantastic turnout of 35 members today. We feasted on a cornucopia of food. The turkey and stuffing were made perfectly... tender and delicious. Real mashed potatoes, made with butter, and gravy made the old fashion way with flour, salt, and pepper in the drippings. The beautiful red canned cranberries sitting like miniature quonset huts built atop the plate. Fresh salads, apple and pumpkin pies, mousse cake and more, stretched across three tables. Thanks to all for working so hard to prepare the feast we all enjoyed. I really appreciated the hard work by everyone to prepare for this event, from getting the prizes for the luck shoot and giveaway raffle, to setting up the room, and running the luck shoot event. It came together because everyone chipped in to help. It was enjoyed by all.

My heart was lifted as I saw many of our older club members come out to enjoy the beautiful clear sunny San Mateo day today. Gathered were a group of people bonded by our love and enjoyment of the shooting sports, comprised of collectors, hobbyists, gunsmiths, and all levels of shooters. There is a fellowship, a commonality, on our love of the shooting sports and thankfulness for everything it has brought into our lives.

What uplifted me even more was seeing the families who brought their kids to teach them the safe handling practices of firearms and the enjoyment of marksmanship. I saw parents patiently working with their kids to teach them art of the trigger pull. After lunch, I was taking a picture of a member being presented with the 2013 Club Pistol Trophy by Mr. G, when young Richard stepped forward and asked if he could have a picture with Mr. G too. I saw that Mr. G was just as honored to have a picture with Richard. I personally love this picture. To me, this is a picture of a bright future for shooting as we have a new generation of shooters coming into the fold. It reminded me to nurture new shooters whatever their age and ability. To invite new participants to come shoot with me, to teach them, and perhaps they too will come to value this sport and become the future protectors of our fragile 2nd Amendment. For that… we are all thankful.