Harry Sharp sets 2 more World Records in 2011

How can I convey 500 meters (547 yards) to you? Driving on the freeway, it will take me about 20 seconds to cover 547 yards. An average person will take over 6 minutes to briskly walk that distance. The silhouette ram target's body is about a foot tall and two feet wide, weighing 60 pounds, and must not only be hit, but must fall completely off its stand to be counted. Even if I were standing smack dab in front of it, I would have to HEAVE a brick... OVERHAND... with a hurricane tailwind behind me, to accomplish that. Can you imagine the terminal velocity required to knock that chunk of metal off its stand?

At that distance the ram looks more like the period at the end of this sentence. If that’s not enough to categorize this competition as “extreme,” let’s shoot this dot with a pistol. A pistol with a barrel only 15 inches long! At the 500m targets, the slightest error of just 1 degree will make the shot miss by 28 feet at that distance. (You better not jerk the trigger else that bullet will leave the county)

Ahhhh, but I can use both hands right? (Yes, but it's easier with one hand when the barrel is rested on the side of the leg). Now let’s make it realistic like real hunting, let’s remove the chair, the bench, sandbags, gun rests, so you are left with nothing. So if I lay on my stomach, I can ground rest the butt of my pistol, right? Nope, can’t ransom rest the gun on the ground. Lay down on your back. They won’t even let me use my ole sofa cushion for my head, you have to use your last free hand to prop your head up to see the targets And that’s why I can’t use both hands on the gun.

Imagine shooting this dot of a ram, in the heat of day when the mirage is lifting the ram's image 8 inches higher than it actual is. Then add a gentle cross wind of 10 miles per hour from the left. Now I have to take into ac- count the ballistics to compensate for the 10mph wind, which can drift your bullet 3 feet downwind at that distance, atop the mirage effect. I now also have to take into account the low air density due to the higher temperature allowing the bullet to fly with less resistance, so the impact point is going to be a tad higher. The warmer temperature is also going to result in higher velocity from the propellant so I’m going to use my powder/ bullet weight ballistics knowledge to add additional height to the impact. Since I’m going to use Kentucky windage.... OH FORGET IT, let’s face it, I’m totally hosed and I have no idea where I’m going to aim. Confused and overwhelmed, I think to myself “Maybe I’ll do like Top Shot and take my first shot and see where it lands?” Better think again, one shot per target and you have to move on to the next target. The ram targets are the final targets of the match. The entire 40 shot match is comprised of the ten smaller chickens set at 200m, ten pigs (a bit larger) is located at 300m, ten turkeys (about the size of the pig) set at 385m, and the ten rams at the full mind blowing distance of 500m!

Do I have nerves of steel to calm my heart rate down knowing that all eyes are watching me? Can I become egoless and one with the target, empty the mind with nothing but unfiltered target/sight focus? This will take years to achieve.