SB249 (Semi-Auto - Firearms) FAILS PASSAGE!

SB 249 failed passage today, August 16, in the Assembly Appropriations Committee! There have been several rumors in the past few days about the fate of SB 249. This time it's true - SB 249 did not survive the scheduled hearing yesterday. is not over until it is over. CRPA and NRA will continue to be on the alert until midnight on August 31, the end of the 2011/2012 legislative session. Up until that time, a rule waiver could be granted to bring SB 249 back for reconsideration. We do not anticipate that will occur. Nevertheless, SB 249 needs to be watched closely until adjournment of the legislative session at midnight on the 31st.

You made the difference! THANK YOU for making your voice heard LOUD AND CLEAR down at the capitol. Your phone calls, e-mails, and letters flooded the legislative offices and got the message across! THANK YOU for your outstanding efforts and support for the Second Amendment.