Legislative Alert! – SB 798

Yesterday, the Assembly Public Safety Committee, of which I am a member, heard arguments in support of and against SB 798 (De León) which would classify all BB gun and airsoft devices as imitation firearms, thereby subjecting them to new rules and specifications (i.e. color, packaging, etc).

After hearing a great deal of testimony on this controversial bill, I am pleased to inform you that SB 798 failed to pass. The committee voted to oppose this legislation with a vote of 2:5. Please be assured that I not only strongly opposed this legislation, but I spoke out against in during committee discussion.

This bill is unnecessary and excessive. In fact, coloring BB guns and Airsoft products in bright colors will do little except give parents and children the impression that these devices are toys. This creates confusion and hides the fact that they can cause serious or fatal injury if misused or improperly handled.

We need to focus our efforts on strengthening the economy and creating jobs, not creating new hardships and restrictions for retailers, business owners, and responsible gun owners.

I am glad that my colleagues agreed with me on this issue and I thank you for your continued action and support. It is because of your involvement that we were able to kill this unreasonable legislation.

It is an honor to serve you and the State of California.


Assemblyman Curt Hagman
District 60