California Firearms Bills - UPDATE

UPDATE: Governor Brown signed the following firearms-related bills today:

  • AB48
  • AB170
  • AB231
  • AB500
  • AB538
  • AB539
  • AB1131
  • SB127
  • SB363
  • SB683

Governor Brown VETOED the following bills:

  • AB169
  • AB180
  • SB299
  • SB374
  • SB475
  • SB567
  • SB755

Conventional Bullseye 1800

Beautiful autumn day for an 1800!  Firing line was lit promptly at 7:30am and the .22 competition was off to a glorious start.  Bob, Nick, Mike, Enrique, and Rudy were all neck and neck till the first shot (ha,ha).  The firing line was filled with an assortment of .22s, Pardini SP, Marvel conversions, Rugers, Hammerli 208, and S&W Model 41. The Centerfire match began immediately after the .22 match.  The morning sun now blinding me off the target, I set the polarizer to 90% to minimize the dot intensity required to appear in the tube.   It’s exciting to hear the thunderous roar these .45s make during rapid fire.  It’s extremely difficult to not get caught up in the rhythm of the thunder, suddenly finding yourself shooting in perfect harmony with the group and not focusing on the perfect center X hits…. %^$&# .  Remember to dance to your own music.

Range Improvements

On July 27, 2013, members painted, replaced target holders, cut new backers, repaired walkways, repainted red safety lines, fixed lane numbers, and cleaned out both the control and target room.  This winter’s shooters will have less puddle jumping skills required due to the club installing gravel on some of the walkways downrange.  Using wheelbarrows to bring in the gravel, it was extremely hard work. Another big change was the installation of lane screens on the .22 range to help cut down on hot brass hitting you. Thanks to all the members who helped improve the range.

Just a reminder that smoking is forbidden anywhere in Coyote Point Park (including the shooting range).

Harry Sharp sets 2 more World Records in 2011

How can I convey 500 meters (547 yards) to you? Driving on the freeway, it will take me about 20 seconds to cover 547 yards. An average person will take over 6 minutes to briskly walk that distance. The silhouette ram target's body is about a foot tall and two feet wide, weighing 60 pounds, and must not only be hit, but must fall completely off its stand to be counted. Even if I were standing smack dab in front of it, I would have to HEAVE a brick... OVERHAND... with a hurricane tailwind behind me, to accomplish that. Can you imagine the terminal velocity required to knock that chunk of metal off its stand?

Message from the President -- Range First Aid

Hopefully no one will ever suffer a medical emergency at the range. However, accidents do happen. Recently Shooting Illustrated ran and article on Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) []. IFAKs have become popular, but what is the minimum you need? Shooting Illustrated talked to several experts and they all recom- mend that a shooter have a minimum of three items in their personal first aid kit. I would add a fourth item. If you have a 'major' accident which involves bleeding you will need the following: