It's Spring Training, Charlie Brown!

"You can't win, Charlie Brown!", I said to myself, reviewing my score sheets from the 2700 match at the Sunnyvale Rod & Gun club past weekend. My rimfire portion scores were 23 points below my personal best and about 15 points below my current average. My centerfire and .45 scores were even lower. No matter how I tried, I could not focus, I could not reduce my wobble and concentrate on the proper shot process. And then I realized, I need more training.

Waste Not, Want Not, What Do You Do?

As a new reloader, I probably picked both the worst and best time to learn this skill. Unavailability of components, especially powder and primers, evokes sour looks from seasoned reloaders. Even basic 30-30 Winchester bullets are hard to find – a load that has put more game on North American dinner tables than perhaps any other. But with scarcity comes necessity and through that is born ingenuity.

Zen and the Art of Free Pistol

Morini CM80 Free PistolIt’s March 30th, 7:30 am. Spring is best at dawn as gradually the hilltops lighten. Arranged on a small bench in front of me are simple items: a couple of boxes of match ammo, a spotting scope, and an odd-looking pistol, it’s long black polished barrel looking like an iron flute with no holes. My target is 50 meters away and looks like a tiny black dot, just a touch of a calligraphy brush on an off-white rice paper.

Museum Gotta See ‘um

by Susan Cohn, The San Mateo Daily Journal
Article originally published at San Mateo Daily Journal

ELKO MUSEUM HOLDS THE LARGEST PUBLIC COLLECTION OF GUNS IN NEVADA. The firearm collection of Bob Chow, a U.S. Olympic shooting competitor and longtime instructor at the Coyote Point Rifle and Pistol Club in San Mateo is part of the extensive permanent collection of the Northeastern Nevada Museum in Elko.

Steel Falling in the Rain

Sunday Feb 2 – 8am - 10am, light rain, 46 degrees, winds from the south at 25 mph, 6 mile visibility with scattered clouds. The long awaited rain arrives this morning bringing along 10 shooters for the falling plate .22 rifle match. Plenty of custom rigs as well as classic Savage and Rugers on the line. Shooters worked under match pressure as the start buzzer went off amidst cold steel targets, cold triggers, and cold as steel nerves. Marc and Mike tied for first both dropping 23 plates, Marc won the "sudden death" shoot-off, declaring Mike second. Enrique took third with 22 plates facing the heavens. "Celeritas, Digigentia, Levitas" (Speed, Accuracy, Smoothness) was the key to winning today.