Two Anti-Gun Bills that will have a Serious Affect on Semi-Automatic Firearms have been Introduced

NRA-ILA: On Thursday, January 14, California's NRA-PVF "F"-rated Attorney General, Kamala Harris, announced her support of freshman Assemblymember David Chiu's introduction of Assembly Bill 1663 in a press release. AB 1663 would expand the classification of "assault weapons" to include all detachable magazine semi-automatic rifles and any rifle that uses a "bullet button". Gun owners who possess these firearms would be required to register them as "assault weapons" or face potential felony penalties, arrest, and confiscation of the firearm. AB 1663 will also ban the future sale of these firearms.

New Target Frames

New 100yd rifle range target holders were installed last weekend by the club. New steel receptacles were welded in place to hold up wood frames. Cardboard backers were stapled to the wood frames so shooters only need to carry their bullseye target and 4 clothes pins (both supplied to shooters upon admission). The clothes pins are used to attach the target to the backer. Only one bullseye target is allowed per frame and it must be centered between the frames in order to minimize frame damage from errant rounds. This improvement should maximize lane availability for the coming months.

Fixin' Up the Range

The High power range had 3 lanes "out of order" due to target frames in disrepair, causing wait list for customers for the past few weeks now.

RSOs Darrin and Piotr did some quick fixes on their Friday night shift to get a few more lanes going but found the frames in total disrepair. The following Saturday they gathered up their tools and supplies and set out to fix up ALL of the high power target frames. Darrin drove out his work truck which had a generator to work a chop saw and air impact wrench which aided the repairs. They straightened out hangers, added lag bolts, and replaced all of the wood. The range is now fully operational.

California State Pistol Team Competes At National Championships, Camp Perry, Ohio

by Steve Killingsworth

For the first time in many years, the California Rifle and Pistol Association fielded a California State Pistol Team at the National Pistol Championship Matches, held on July 7-13 at historic Camp Perry, Ohio, on the green and beautiful south shore of Lake Erie.

A Bump In The Middle of the Night

So you're sitting at home in your living room and the doorbell rings your dogs are going crazy.You go to the door and ask who is there? No one answers, you ask again, no one answers...

After a little while the doorbell stops and they seem to go away so you get back into your book, your tv program or whatever you were doing and then the doorbell rings again.You get up and go back to the door and you ask, "who is it,who's there?" Silence...

Now you start to back away and you start to remember what you learned in your personal protection class in your personal protection inside the home class, you start to remember your plan. You remember what they taught you about staying safe and getting things together.